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ShenZhen All Technology Limited

            Our company, established in 1998, is a professional chemical company developing, producing, managing high-tech plastic additives, high-class plastic colorants, color masterbatches and pigments, and matching color for clients technology. Products of our company are all accord to the new standards of FDA REACH ROHS PHTHALATES for environmental protection and other related qualified authentication. We are the ideal green cooperation partner for your company.

           Allgong and Argiope brand series produced and managed by our company: 1. plastic toughening agent. They mainly resolve the problems of enhancing toughness and strength while plastic scrap, regrind plastic and raw material are forming and simultaneously possess the effect of streak elimination and brightness improvement. The effect is not friable compared with that of 100% raw material. They are the best toughening agent for plastic modification and adding filling materials. 2. plastic streak elimination and brightness improvement agent can not only efficiently remove all kinds of normal flaws when plastics are forming such as crack, streak, water mark and pied surface but also increase the toughness and strength of plastic goods made of plastic scrap and regrind plastics and the goods is not friable and show bright surface. 3. super barrel cleaning powder and detergent, they can clean the barrel and screws quickly and save the plastic material and time. 4. strong PP glue, it can stick plastics of PP, PE together firmly that can not be obtained with other glue. 5. Heat Stabilizer, it mainly resolves the problems that the color of high temperature plastics such as PPSPC and PA is unstable and they are liable to be oxidized. 6. Antioxidant. 7. plastic vesicant. 8. antishrinkage agent. 9. plastics super toughening filling material. 10.Toner, black and white masterbatch, color masterbatch, Functional masterbatch, plastic, plastic pumping tablets.

            We have rich experience in matching color and possesses many senior engineers who have be engaged in professional plastic matching color for more than ten years. So we can assist you to resolve the problems which other pigment company can not deal with, especially to resolve the problems that the color is unstable in PVC,TPR,PPS, PC, PA(nylon) and other fiber and fire protection plastics. High quality colorants of our company can ensure the stability of color and Color Masterbatch, consistency of product, higher yield and lower cost, and thereby the market competence of your company will be greatly enhanced. Sales agents around the world were factory plastic paint.

           We rich technical power, various necessary facilities, advanced computer test devices, strict product check procedure and high-grade import colorant materials and operation facility are adopted. With elaborate preparation, we ensure that our colorant and color master batches provided for you have standard color in the process of injection blowmolding and extrusion process, show good dispersion property and stability, and be accord with international safety standard. Our products are trusted deeply by vast clients.

            We have rigrous production process. Products can be used as the plastic goods for the industries of electronic product, electrical apparatus, toy, food et al. and also can be accord to following standards. We can offer the test reports by SGS (Societe Generale de Surveillance SA). (1) be accord to American food safety FDA standard..(2) be accord to Japanese food and toy packing STPART32002 standard. (3) be accord to European Union REACH standard.4be accord to European Union ROHS EZT121 standard. (5 )be accord to European Union toy PHTHALATES standard. (6) be accord to toy European Union EN713 standard (7) Be accord to EN1122 standard.

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