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News > Plastic—is Our intimate Friend
Plastic is so great
Publisher:Henye.Z  Date:2012-2-28

    In today world ,we are hardly aware of it anymore but we live in the age of plastics. Owing to their multifaceted application possibilities, plastics have become an indispensable fixture of modern life. From coffee machines to telecommunications satellites, from non-slip steering wheels to ultra-light airplane seats, from yoghurt cups to well-insulated energy-saving houses, from swimwear to hard-shell suitcases: plastics are always there, meeting our basic needs and creating equipment for our modern lifestyle. Plastics make a major contribution to our quality of life and comfort, to technology and progress, to esthetics and to our well-being. They play an even greater role when it comes to conserving natural resources since the use of plastics saves more fossil fuel than is needed for their production – a fact that many of us do not realize.the plastic make our daily life more easier than before.

    We ought to thank the people of contributing the plastic developed and researched.

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